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Ever heard of "Storytelling"? Join us online to discover what this truly means and why it's so important to sell a product or service.

This session will be delivered exclusively online and will be divided into two parts:

Part 1 - Taster Class - This course is brought to you by Daniel Ciapponi, Senior Lecturer at EHL Campus Passugg. He is an operations executive with over 30 years of experience in different hospitality companies and sectors. His extensive knowledge of Food & Beverages operations allows him to coach both companies and teams. In the last years he has specialized in communication, leadership, service excellence and affective hospitality; all subjects that he currently teaches at EHL Campus Passugg.

During this session, you will understand how storytelling is important to sell things, communicate, hold speeches in front of big audiences and tell stories rather than focusing on facts and figures.

Part 2 – EHL Campus Passugg Live Tour - After this session, there will be a live campus tour of EHL Campus Passugg held by our student ambassadors. This is your chance to visit virtually our beautiful campus in the German side of Switzerland surrounded by the Swiss Alps & chat with our students!

Please note that you should only register once per family. If your friends would like to join as well, please register separately.

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